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          Piranha rollover car wash machine(CF-320)


          Risense rollover car wash machine is equipped with new-generation car model detection technology, perfect-angled side brush technology, profiling air-dry technology and complete vertical lifting of top brush, which is featured as combination of many ways of car washing, fast speed and low power consumption.


          Five brushes, water washing, shampoo, waxing, low pressure washing.

          Equipment Parameter



          Machine dimension


          Assembling range


          Available size for car


          Available car to wash

          car/jeep/coach within 10 seats

          Main voltage

          380v 3phase 50HZ

          Total power


          Water supply

          DN25mm water flow rate≥100L/min

          Air pressure

          0.75-0.9MPa Air flow rate≥0.1m3/min

          Water consumption


          Shampoo consumption


          Water Wax consumption


          Washing time


          Car wash capacity


          Dry system


          High pressure system


          Equipment Advantages

          Main features:

          1. PLC electronic control system can easy to operate and maintenance.

          2. Hot-dip galvanized steel frame can keep the whole machine stable and long life use.

          3. Three brushes(one bursh of vertical lift, two big side brush).

          4. Double swing blower for drying system.

          5. High pressure water washing, shampoo washing, waxing and dryer.

          6. Inclinable side brush strengthens cleaning ability around the car body.

          7. The dovetail foam brush make the car washing more quiet and clean.

          8. The motor IP67 make the machine work well on the water condition.

          9. High quality control system, motor and pump from Japan can keep the machine running with great performance.

          10. Fully automatic rolles over and easy to install, operate and maintain.

          11. With one-site installation and operate training for free and long time quality guarantee to whole car wash.

          Equipment Parameter

          1. High efficiency silence dryer.
          2. Identification technology on car body.
          3. Foam sprinkling system
          4. Wax sprinkling system
          5. Third generation foam brush.
          6. Hot-dip galvanized frame
          7. High pressure water systems.
          8. The sensor made by BN from America.
          9. The thin film operate panel with flame retardant and weather resistance.
          10. The frequency converter made by SL from Taiwan.
          11. Air cylinder made by YDK from Taiwan.
          12. Variable frequency motor made by CB from Japan

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